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Golden Globes are Hollywood’s fullest response yet to 2017’s scandals - The Boston Globe

08 Jan. 2018

“That’s Meryl Streep! Sunday night’s Golden Globes ceremony was the first awards show in the wake of the storm that was 2017, famously a warm-up for the Oscars, and host Seth Meyers, as he worked to balance humor with the seriousness of those issues, was the canary in the coal mine. But his hits were good, including one edgy bit about Weinstein’s return to the Golden Globes in 20 years — to be “the first person to be booed during the In Memoriam.” He also slipped in a few Donald Trump jokes, of course, noting that the Hollywood Foreign Press — the group that awards the Globes — is “a string of three words that could not have been better designed to infuriate our president.” All of Hollywood was also looking to the Globe winners list, to help narrow down a year of award-worthy movies that has no clear leaders. Hosting the Globes for the first time, Meyers was just fine. How would he manage to beat up on Hollywood’s sexism problem without diminishing it with jokes, all while honoring its denizens at the same time?

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