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Snooze talk: George Hook’s Saturday morning show falls flat

06 Jan. 2018

Broadcaster George Hook returned to radio on Saturday morning for the first time since being dropped last September from his weekday talk show on Newstalk for his controversial remarks on rape. The inaugural edition of his new show for Newstalk, entitled Hook’s Saturday Sit-In, was less notable for what was said than for what was not said, as the presenter steered clear of the matter. Hook followed the same general format of his previous shows, High Noon and The Right Hook, hosting a familiar mix of interviews, opinion and lifestyle items. A regular panelist on Hook’s old show, Graham has been given his own monologue on this new one, though maybe harangue is the more apposite term. Whether or not this was the point, it robbed the show of much of the daffy unpredictability that has long been Hook’s trademark as a broadcaster.

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