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From chocolate to cheddar, branch out this holiday season with these 5 desserts

02 Dec. 2017

Shared meals with farm guests make sweet holiday memories for Cabot farmer Beth Kennett of Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester, VT. “However, when we get home, I always either deep fry or roast a big turkey for one reason: leftover turkey sandwiches.” At Jimmy’s Christmas, one holiday dessert is always expected on the table: Cabot’s Cheddar Cheesecake. The farm, one of 1,100 in the Cabot Creamery Co-operative, is also home to a B&B where guests come from around the country—and the world—each year. “I grate Cabot cheddar into the crust—Orne Meadow or Farmhouse Reserve— and sometimes put slices of cheddar over the apples in the pie before I put the top crust on.” For the topping Beth says: “I love to use Cabot Greek style yogurt for the topping on pies in place of whipped cream. This means a classic apple pie for dessert—but with a twist.

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